I'm A Female, Not A Feminist

Tegan V Smith
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts),
Third Year

Research of Artists and Personal Work.

Amanda Tiller.

 Saved! 5mins 6secs. 2007.

ETIK Films.

In this series of films, I have recorded myself performing every line that I know from memory for a particular movie. Each line is performed based on my recollection of how the line exists in the movie, including the dialogue, pacing, etc. The resulting audio is then superimposed over the original video from the movie.


We live in a culture of information.  This era is characterized by the ability of individuals to access knowledge and information instantly, almost effortlessly.  Computers have become an extension of our minds.  As we outsource more and more of our thinking to our computers, we physically change the neural connections in our minds. 

My work explores the information that we still carry with us in our minds.  Using myself as a sort of case study, I investigate and analyze different categories of data gleaned from my memory.  The resulting images and objects often function as graphs or diagrams – visualizing the quantification and categorization of information that comprise a personality.

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